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Stamping materials selection

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Metal stamping parts material selection, attention should be paid to the following: a material thickness in product design, material and when select material, avoid to choose high grade material cause excess product performance, at the same time, on the premise of meet the requirements of product, process, try to choose material used in the existing production models, material thickness, forming material platform, provide convenience for the subsequent procurement, inventory management. For the choice of material thickness, in addition to consider the strength of the body after forming, weight, and attention to the popularization of material thickness. Because of the special material thickness, suppliers, it is difficult to supply and the price is high. Such as ordinary manufacture key performance requirements is its ductility, so in accord with the request of the quality of the product as far as possible choose low grade of material. B, choice of thickness deviation of the thickness of the plate there is a deviation request, usually in the range of deviation permit, should first choose the deviation of the plank. C, plank roll wide choice in steel specification types, whether scale plate or coil plate, the same material, material thickness of material, roll width different selling prices. So, want to reduce the cost, from purchasing volume wide fluctuation kongfu, on the premise of guarantee the material utilization as far as possible choose not premium volume wide range. As for scale board as far as possible to choose the appropriate size, from steel mills, after the completion of shear needn't to secondary shear, reduce cost of shear; For rolled plate, as far as possible choose uncoiling forming coil specification and process, to reduce the workload of the secondary shear, improve work efficiency. A: stamping and efficient production methods
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