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Stamping mechanical press

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping equipment in addition to the thick plate with hydraulic press forming, generally adopts the mechanical press. Conveying machinery and tooling libraries and quick die change equipment, and use the computer program control, automatic stamping production line can be of high productivity. In production dozens, hundreds of stampings per minute, in a short time to finish feeding, punching, the pieces, discharge waste process, such as personal, equipment and quality accidents occurred frequently. Therefore, safety in production of stamping is a very important problem. General artifacts in the stamping process, due to the stamping process, especially in the process of cold forging stamping processing, temperature rise quickly, must add lubrication lubrication products, if you do not use lubrication and direct stamping, welding - Components of the assembly, the surface has no oil is easy to welding and assembly. Research and practice show that the love of beauty in metal inert gas arc welding, tungsten electrode gas shielded arc welding, resistance welding applications have good results.
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