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Stamping mold parts processing and size confirmation note

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
1, templates, warp ( 0. 006/100mm) , the thickness is very poor ( ± 0. 002mm) 。 2, hole processing, must not processing, processing of phenomenon. 3, adjusting screw groove width and depth. 4, the depth of the screw holes and vertical degree, rotate smoothly. 5, the activity type guide pin hole mobility, positive countersunk hole depth. 6, activities and activity. 7, mouth and into the block matching template box. Eight, take off the boards hanging seat depth. 9, confirm the number of the template size. 10, can try to punch through the stripping into pieces. ( Unable to through the processing time consuming) 11日,V - The cut, fan adjustment punch with wc material. 12, floating and pin R Angle increases and polishing. 13, bending forming prepressing pressure spring force. Into the block size 14, upper and lower activity is not consistent, avoid creasing. Material into pieces, parts under 15, not appropriate, put in the box mouths clearance 0. 002mm/side。 16, set into the block ( Especially take off into the boards) With no heat treatment of flat iron hammer out. Group of stamping die through the above four working procedure, after clamping the inspection again, complete a set of mould has out of shape. Precision of the mould integral plus or minus 0. More than 002 mm, the service life of three hundred million times.
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