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Stamping mould in stripper daily maintenance?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
A, metal stamping mold in the stripper to remove we can pry up the screwdriver with two balance, first in balance with both hands to force out. When disassembly difficulty, need to check the metal stamping mold inside to have clean, locking screws have all removed, is there a card phenomenon caused by mold damage, first find out the reason, in the ways and means for processing, must not blindly disposal; 2, metal stamping mold assembly in the assembly of stripper stripper, want to punch first and clean up the stripper, the guide pillar and punch import add lubricating oil, in smoothly into it. Use both hands pressed in place, and repeated several times. If too tight, need to find out the reason, there likely scenario ( Guide pillar and guide bush orientation is normal, each place if there is any damage, success or failure of the new punch stripper, position right, etc. ) Again, after inspection, do the corresponding processing; There is pressure on the fixed plate, to check whether the stripping seat on the back is enough, contact surface between the stripper and die materials, because of long time stamping will produce indentation, when indentation seriously, will affect the pressing of materials of metal stamping parts, precision caused by abnormal metal stamping product size is not stable, etc. , requires the stripper blocks and stripper for repair or regrinding. In addition, the equivalent high precision inspections on the sleeve, even if it is in the range of high will cause stripper tilt, its stable precision guide oftaliban function will be destroyed, so the peer high sleeve also should be maintained; Three, to the production of metal stamping mold, need our mould personnel do meticulous patience, carefully check, to improve the service life of mould, improve the production efficiency, cost savings for mold enterprises.
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