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Stamping mould manufacturing cost factors have?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
The precision of the stamping die and the structure directly affect the forming of metal stamping parts and precision. Dongguan metal stamping parts, stamping equipment in addition to the thick plate with hydraulic press forming, generally adopts the mechanical press. In modern high-speed transfer mechanical press as the center, the configuration open book, flattening, collection, transmission machinery and tooling libraries and quick die change equipment, and use the computer program control, automatic stamping production line can be of high productivity. Mold base, frame, guide the standardization and development of simple dies ( For small batch production) Progressive die, compound die, transfer ( For mass production) , as well as the development of quick die change equipment, can reduce stamping production preparation work and shorten the preparation time, can reduce suitable for stamping production preparation work and shorten the preparation time, can make the suitable for mass production of advanced punching technology reasonably applied to small batch more varieties of production. Mould manufacturing cost and quality of life is to affect the cost of metal stamping parts and an important factor. Mold design and manufacturing needs more time, it will extend the new metal stamping parts production preparation time. Determine the stamping on shape and dimensions of the sheet metal, is analyzing stamping parts deformation degree, design process and the premise of the formulation procedure. If sheet shape, not only the phenomenon of deformation along the uneven distribution of sheet metal can be obviously improved, but also can improve the forming limit, and can reduce the ear height, reduce trimming allowance. In addition, for some directly after blanking forming parts, if you can give a precise sheet shape and size, can decrease The Times of test of the variable to shorten the production cycle, improve the productivity. A: on the factors affecting the size of the metal stamping parts?
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