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Stamping of choose and buy good books!

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Stamping of choose and buy good books! Cupboard door hinge is divided into take off discharge type and not take off discharge type two kinds, and to cover the position after the cupboard door closed into big bend, bend, bend three straight, general is given priority to with in turn. Select the hinge hinge in addition to the visual and touch feel smooth smooth, should pay attention to hinge spring reset performance is better, can open the hinge 95 degrees, with the hand will hinge on both sides, you push hard on the observations support spring deformation, broken, strong enough for the quality of qualified products. The furniture of form a complete set of all sorts of styles, in order to handle the shape, color is more various and colorful. After electroplating and the shake handshandle of electrostatic painting, have wear resistant and corrosion resistant effect, when the choice besides and bedroom adornment style is consistent, still should be able to bear large pulling force, the general should be able to withstand more than 6 kg of tension. As the ball lock gradually faded, set the switch, decorations and handle triad function of hand lock become the fashionable locks in living in adornment. Hold hand lock according to the material can be divided into space aluminum, stainless steel, copper die casting, zinc alloy, advanced space aluminum, stainless steel material, after surface treatment technology, the luster bright, feel is soft, is the sweat, moisture corrosion but it is not easy to fade and rust. Die casting copper hand lock is thick, price moderate, and part of the inferior quality of zinc alloy hand lock easily broken when using, because of the zinc alloy of hand lock on the surface of copper plating, with copper die-casting hand lock is not easy to difference of choose and buy, available file file at two instead of hand lock floor, brassy for copper die-casting hand lock, generic silver for zinc alloy of hand lock. Stainless steel pendant, pull basket are mainly distributed in the kitchen and bathroom. Have wide application in the kitchen stainless steel pull the basket, multilayer shelf, spice rack, etc. Such play goal, frame with steel wire or iron wire galvanized after welding. According to dealers, stainless steel pendant, pull basket main production enterprise of zhejiang and guangdong, zhejiang enterprises on stainless steel substrate production of raw materials, steel wire is fine, plating surface not smooth enough. Guangdong enterprises more than the base material of the wire, coarser, but welding plating process is advanced, when consumer is bought weight capacity should be considered for selection. A: metal stamping parts three advantages
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