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Stamping of flatness and the methods to improve the flatness

by:Fortuna     2021-01-31
In the stamping process of blanking, due to the influence of some factors, lead to materials, bending and compression. If what buckling resistance device limitation, stamping parts of the curved arch phenomenon will also be more serious. How can improve the smoothness of stamping parts? Itself has internal stress due to sheet, metal stamping parts blanking time can produce elastic deformation, near the edge of blade internal material appeared first sheet metal bending of arch down, external edge of sheet metal bending of arch upward. Even worse is that the elastic bending of arch is unlikely to fully recover, and stamping parts of the roughness is not so good. To gather the blanking without exerting pressure material force, there was a elastic bending blanking phenomenon, not only in the edge of the materials, and also around punching hole appeared at the same time. In order to solve the stamping parts of the problem, should not only with other process also configure other mould structure. If in stamping parts stamping of sheet metal part and exert enough pressure elastic material force, elastic bending process has been a lot of inhibition. General blanking die using elastic stripper plate pressure material effect, but it is hard to restrain the elastic deformation of sheet metal, it has no special requirements for some smoothness of the stamping parts can be satisfied. When the user requires for stamping the smoothness of the cases, can be used with elastic retainer block mould, so can improve the stamping surface roughness, improve their overall quality.
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