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Stamping of salt fog test standard

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Precision electronic technology co. , LTD is a professional design and manufacture of stamping mould and precision stamping ODM/OEM professional manufacturers. Professional stamping production and processing precision terminal, stamping parts, precision hardware such as stainless steel shrapnel, etc. Salt spray test is a major use of salt spray test equipment created by artificial simulated conditions of salt fog conditions to assess product or environmental testing of the corrosion resistance of metal materials. A salt fog test categorization, natural environment exposure test and artificial accelerated simulated conditions of salt fog test simulating salt spray test is divided into neutral salt spray test, acetic acid salt spray test, copper salt accelerate acetic acid salt spray test, alternating salt fog test. Methods: artificial simulated conditions of salt spray test is to use a certain volume of space test equipment salt spray test chamber, in his capacity space, using the method of artificial salt fog environment to the salt fog corrosion resistance properties of the product quality evaluation. Compared with the natural environment, its salt fog environment of chloride salt concentration, content of general natural environment can be salt fog several times or more, make the corrosion speed is greatly increased, salt fog test was carried out on the product, the results of time also greatly reduced. As in the natural exposure environment to test some samples, the corrosion may be 1 years, and under the condition of artificial simulated conditions of salt fog test, as long as 24 hours, can get similar results. But artificial accelerated simulation test is still different from natural environment, and therefore cannot replace. This article is about stamping parts in different salt fog test in the inspection standard, the metal materials under the effect of different salt fog can cause the different damage or deterioration, salt spray test is the purpose of the inspection quality of salt fog corrosion resistance of metal material. Salt fog corrosion on the surface of metal material is due to containing chloride ion penetration on the surface of the metal oxide layer and protective layer and internal metal caused by the electrochemical reaction.
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