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Stamping on the processing requirements

by:Fortuna     2020-04-01
Now many of the equipment has been continuously used, due to the development of the field is different, so using the equipment is also each are not identical, so the stamping equipment has been widely used, but in use process, the design principle of equipment is the use of design components must conform to the product design and technical performance, and easy to assemble and maintenance. Now aims to improve the use of the metal material of pressing, reduce all kinds of materials and specifications, and minimize the material consumption, as far as possible use cheap materials, make a part for free as far as possible, reduce waste, stamping design should have simple structure, reasonable, easy to simplify mould structure, to simplify the process, i. e. , according to the minimum, complete the whole processing part. Then process more simple stamping parts, reduce the processing of other methods, and is convenient for stamping, operation organization mechanization and automation of production in order to improve the labor productivity is very convenient, under the condition of normal use, minimize size accuracy and surface roughness requirements, promote the exchange of products, waste reduction, to ensure the product quality and stability. Because stamping parts design to deal with the existing process equipment and process, and can prolong the life of cutting tools, due to friction with the punch or die material on the surface of the workpiece or mold friction defects happened mainly in cutting the space between the mould and mould and cutting edge, in the space is larger burr or in the form of sheet, to better use. First compression part in contact with the mold and forming lines, winding back mixing foreign bodies and generate convex concave, the irregularity of mismatch or press the sliding control is poorer, because the press ram adjust bad, the part of serrated deformation for, press for precision, the adjustment of the air pressure is not enough. ( 2018. 12. 29)
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