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Stamping on the surface of all kinds of bad causes and countermeasures

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Even design perfect, the actual production will have some emergency, stamping parts, too. The encounter some quality is not qualified stamping is to analyze the reasons, and study the corresponding solution countermeasure? In this way can packaging qualification rate of stamping parts. 1, all sorts of scars on the surface of the stamping machine deformation appears there are many reasons for this phenomenon, on the one hand may be improper operation, the operators make workpiece displacement occurred in the front-rear time, collision, or technical parameter of the related equipment is not adjusted to the appropriate location. On the other hand is a workstation at the time of using overload, overlapping stack, collision, overturned, tachycardia, and other issues. 2, stamping concave and convex, this part of the problem with material, mould, machine, etc. Such as material wasn't up to par or clean degree; Concave and convex mold exist; Machine speed setting is unreasonable and so on. To this end, we want to strengthen the inspection of stamping materials, ensure the clean without impurities. But also to die to conduct regular inspection and maintenance, to keep its stable status; In addition, the appropriate speed as well as the guarantee for the quality of the product.
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