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Stamping parts bending parts is introduced

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping parts processing, processing of various kinds of metal stamping parts, machinery parts, stamping parts, bending parts, etc. Said below is bending part, as well as bending part and its processing technology; Stamping bending parts of the structure shape, size, precision, material and technical requirements should satisfy the requirement of the bending process. The shape of a bending part should be as symmetrical as possible, bending radius should be about the same, in order to prevent the stamping blank, which is generated by the uneven deflection bending deformation. When shape is symmetrical, but the deformation zone near the gap, if the blank out the gaps, bending gap phenomenon would appear, serious when it is difficult to form stamping parts. Notches in connection with, shall be maintained to prevent bending displacement of billet. Stamping parts of the relative bending radius r/t should be greater than the relatively small bending radius, but not too much, because when the relative bending radius is too large, will be affected by the springback, stamping parts of the precision of bending parts can not get good protection; Stamping parts of the height of the bending part h shoulds not be too small, but should comply with the h> r+2t。 When h hours, bending die on support through small, it is difficult to form enough bending moment, it is difficult to obtain accurate parts. When parts required h bending part of the hole edge of pressing, perforated metal sheet bending, if hole position in a bending deformation zone, bending the shape of the hole will be out of shape, so the hole must be in the deformation zone, the side of hole's distance to the center of the bending radius R should satisfy the following relations; t< 2 mm when l p t; T 2 mm or higher when l 2 t or higher; Bending parts of different size in stamping parts will affect the arrangement of the stamping process. Stamping parts of the precision of bending parts by rough localization, the offset, the springback, warping the influence of such factors as. The more bending process, the lower the accuracy. The demand for the accuracy of bending parts is reasonable. General bending length of size tolerance under 1 t13, Angle tolerance is greater than 15.
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