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Stamping parts design and surface treatment technology

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping forming principle: stamping by press and die for sheet, strip, pipe and profiles, such as external force, make its produce plastic deformation or separation, thus to obtain the required shape and size of the workpiece, Stamping parts) The forming method. Stamping process categories: mainly are classified according to the process, can be divided into separation process and forming process two kinds big. Separation process, Blanking process) : its purpose is to make from the sheet metal stamping parts along the contour line must be separated, and the quality requirement of the separation section. Blanking (separation process: Blanking, punching) , cut, cut, trimming and cutting. 1) Elastic deformation stage. Sheet metal produce elastic compression, bending and tensile deformation. Materials against deformation under external force or the change of the size, and to restore the deformation is called elastic deformation. 2) Plastic deformation stage: sheet metal stress reaches the yield limit, sheet metal to produce the plastic shear deformation. Refers to the material under the action of external force is produced in the external force can't recover after removing the part deformation. 3) Fracture separation phase: already forming crack along the direction to the material of the large strain speed, a wedge shape development.
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