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Stamping parts how to cut costs

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Stamping how to effectively reduce the cost, so in the process of stamping parts production to rationalize the lower mold development costs, increase material utilization, reduce material loss, save processing time. Effectively reduce the enterprise production costs method: 1, according to customer drawings strictly control the quality of the material, press 2 ( Punch) Stability, ensure the stable performance in the process of the lift 3, improve the performance of mould reduce material wastage rate 4, according to the technical standard SOP/SIP standard operation, reduce scrap rate 5, stamping parts, in the process of machining using manipulator continuous machinery operation, can improve the production speed 6, through the safety training, raise awareness of the safety operation of the operator, used in the production process equipment operation, to avoid manual operation precision is a non-standard custom stamping processing factory, according to the requirements of the customer to provide drawings, strictly control the quality and cycle. Go all out every product, and strive to make customers satisfied. Company's main: electronic stamping parts, auto parts, stamping parts, electrical appliances stamping parts, instruments and meters, stamping parts, metal stamping parts such as the processing of all kinds of stamping parts products.
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