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Stamping parts industry in the common problem

by:Fortuna     2021-02-07
Precision stamping is an important role in industrial production, and after recent years of development, precision stamping industry in our country also gradually took to the formal, and succeed in the international market, but to a higher development direction, is still the difficulties, problems, mainly manifested in the following respects. 1, poor manufacturing process of precision stamping parts manufacturing process of the research on the international has accumulated a large number of proprietary technology, especially the old factory, technology accumulation has reached the expert level. And domestic in precision stamping proprietary technology accumulation, rarely have a long way to go. 2, short service life of the outstanding problems affecting the service life of precision stamping parts is the material and heat treatment quality, at present, because the price of imported steel is too expensive, under the condition of the production is not very big, most still using domestic steel precision stamping parts. And domestic steel material is bad, and the forging and heat treatment process control and quality is not stable cause the overall life of the difference is very big, generally for a third of the abroad. Abroad for poor 3, fine blanking forming process of the finite element numerical simulation technology and precision stamping force analysis simulation checking technology research has reached a higher level, and has been applied in precision stamping of checking and design verification, optimizing the structure design, etc. Although some domestic universities and research institutes have been carrying out the basic research work in this aspect, but in the application of the technology research, also has certain gap. 4, low standardization in order to promote the overall capacity of precision stamping parts industry in our country, promote the development of the industry standard, the comprehensive international standards and industry development in our country actual situation, formulate the precision stamping parts it is particularly important to national or industrial standards.
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