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Stamping parts layout need to follow the principle of what

by:Fortuna     2021-02-07
Precision electronic technology co. , LTD. Is an enterprise specializing in the production of various kinds of stamping parts. The main production and processing precision shrapnel, terminals, precision metal stamping parts, etc. Products are widely used in computer components, machinery, watches and clocks, digital switches, electronics, electrical appliances, automobile and motorcycle accessories, hardware and electric tools, and other fields, the company has 26 Japanese imported stamping equipment, to ensure its quality to meet customer demand. Good layout can improve material utilization, is advantageous for the staff, improve the life of the stamping die, etc. So layout should follow the four principles: improve the material utilization, improve operational, make the mould structure simple life, guarantee the quality of workpiece. Layout should guarantee the quality of precision stamping parts, not only consider the utilization rate of materials, regardless of the performance of the stamping parts. For blanking bending parts, when layout to consider the fiber direction of sheet metal. Precision wish you a prosperous business, all the best, if you want to learn more dynamic, can scan the qr code, pay attention to the public. , is committed to precision stamping processing factory of the world's most professional electronic components
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