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Stamping parts manufacturing in China

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Stamping parts manufacturing in China ( 1) Improve existing process equipment, hard and working smart, improve product quality, meet the foreign makers of higher product quality and delivery requirements. ( 2) On the premise of have the ability, as far as possible the use of advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, set up a sound quality assurance system, improve the level of motors, specialization, manufacturing automation, meet the needs of mass production. ( 3) Constantly improve, improve the production and sales of enterprise management level, continuously reduce their own management costs, truly to the management quality and efficiency, improve the comprehensive competitive power of enterprises. ( 4) Attaches great importance to the construction of talent team, constantly introducing enterprise need high-quality talent at the same time, also attaches great importance to the team's continuing education and training, employees keep their technology and management level and time synchronization. ( 5) To strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, understand the industry level, both at home and abroad to collect important information industry, open decision-making leadership vision, improve the prospective and the correctness of decisions. ( 6) Further to strengthen the concept of sincerity and not to the user promise anything your not sure, guarantee to deliver any commitment to the user, to establish a good reputation of the enterprise in the market, be in one hundred enterprises. ( 7) Establish the global idea, have the courage to upstream suppliers to ask questions, dare to say no to the unreasonable demands of downstream users, to establish reasonable upstream and downstream of the supply and demand relationship. ( 8) Introducing, cultivating international talents, to understand the local conditions and customs of other countries, laws and regulations, language and culture, and guarantee the unimpeded communication with foreign enterprises, improve the success rate of cooperation. A: metal stamping parts raw material
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