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Stamping parts manufacturing standards

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Now in use of punching machine, can use a rust inhibitor and stamping parts processing used cooking oil, assumptions beyond rectified, customers can use oxidation resistance packaging products or oxidative stability of oil, special oil oxidation resistance varieties are very easy to use lubricants, this is to produce business to show respect, stamping parts in the production processing, generally has the residual air oxidation prevent time after or stamping die and finishing oil will be stored in the stamping. In this period of time, factory will store and packaging stamping again, other save them, for example, car stamping packing is cassette, general antirust processing plastic film and other internal oxidation resistance method, so it can go beyond the air oxidation of about 1 year period, considering the transport rules or storage, saponification oil as oil production processing and generally not used for a long time. Suppose a customer wants to use the oxidative stability of oil, proposed using oxidation resistance oil use, generally characterized by low viscosity, and the skeleton seal good intermiscibility, reflect and necessarily of volatiles, customers don't think it's still on the basis of quality, unscientific jam or irregular interior space and interior space are stamping mold raw materials, the cause of the deformation, must disconnect, in normal production, the entities standard large or small and blunt blunt needle big different standard, besides considering the convex drainage matrix, the design scheme of the standard. Producing and machining precision stamping die interior space, is thought to be the following level to deal with, along with cutting blade is damaged, the in-situ stress increase rashin of raw materials, and stamping parts to improve the development trend of the change of raw materials, when raw material rolling, standards will cut punching machine, raw material on the weak form the raw material of plastic deformation work pressure, the formation of a greater standard of broken hole, when the strong working pressure to cut, broken hole standards will be narrowed, blunt needle on the edge of the posture, assuming that the top is laser cut slopes or arc, then poked through force is unlikely to be due to the deformation and the formation, deformation, thus broken hole standards will be bigger, blunt needle of standards will be relative small, practice in other days.
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