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Stamping parts of special forming technology - — The hydraulic forming and electromagnetic forming

by:Fortuna     2021-01-31
Because more and more complex stamping parts of the structure, size also increases gradually, all aspects of the performance requirements are more strict, so the traditional stamping technology already cannot satisfy the demand, this kind of circumstance is to promote the development of special stamping technology. Can meet the special stamping development request a variety of stamping technology, such as hydraulic forming, precision forming, explosive forming, spinning forming, die forming, laser forming and electromagnetic forming and so on. Here to pick one of the focus on hydraulic pressure forming and electromagnetic forming do. As a special stamping forming technology and hydraulic or included in the injection forming technology of elastic postures have more than one process, one is the expansion of the effective medium or elastomer pressure into the internal pressure, slow growth process; The other is a hydrostatic pressure forming process; Another is the dynamic process of extreme pressure, etc. Compared with the other stamping technology, this kind of special stamping technology can be work out at a time of large complex 3 d geometry of the workpiece, such as axle, top cover plate, door frames, etc. ; Because liquid cooling effect in the forming process, cold stamping parts can be made to strengthen, in order to gain a higher strength, and make the stamping parts more lightweight. In stamping process, the workpiece surface appearance only contact with the liquid pressure, pressure process is smooth, so the stamping forming uniform change, symmetrical pressure distribution can be obtained, and can be winner better smooth outer surface; Key can shorten processing time, the realization of mass production. The so-called electromagnetic forming the electromagnetic force is generated by electric coil of a stamping process, when the coil in the artifacts, electromagnetic force will make the shape of the workpiece, a kind of technology is widely used on the current; When coil plane parallel to the panel is placed, the electromagnetic force will make workpiece stretch forming.
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