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Stamping parts of the design criteria

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Rule of stamping process design primary design of stamping parts is necessary the use of satisfactory products and skills, but also a brief assembly and replacement; Then its necessary for metal material utilization, reduce data types and standards, as far as possible cost down data, in the case of promised to choose cheap materials, as far as possible make the parts do not waste and waste less; Then in the design of the shape must be in a brief, structure more reasonable, so beneficial to simplify mould structure, simplify the process, the number of is also with very few, extremely brief stamping process to end the entire parts processing, and is conducive to stamping operations, easy to arrange produce complete mechanization and automation, to progress the Labour production rate. In design of stamping parts, can ensure the normal use case, make scale precision grade and the surface roughness of lower level requirements, and promotes the exchange of products, cut production, ensure product quality stability. Design of stamping parts, as far as possible should be conducive to use existing equipment, process and technological process for machining, and is advantageous to the die life extension. When stamping parts processing needs pay attention to matters must be careful when produce stamping parts processing, the use of electric flat car press or the tooling equipment such as punch, to pay more attention to ensure the normal operation condition, prevent the material not in the right location feeding may not according to the gap must feed. Be sure to die and the land of fastening parts, pay attention to don't let the noise of punching die each device location changes, in order to prevent the scratch appearance workpiece is crushed and then affect the appearance quality of the workpiece. When the original data in preparation, is bound to abide by rules of skills, pay attention to the measurement of material dimension precision, strict check standard and the trademark of the original data. Regularly comprehensive check stamping parts first and then to produce, to strengthen inspection, prevent accidents, prevent operation part and guiding parts wear due to long time operation. Strict produce by stamping parts processing, you should pay attention to matters, carefully, carefully in order to prevent the formation of unnecessary damage and loss.
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