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Stamping parts of the rust

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping parts of the rust choice is what? Need according to the use of specific manufacturer, machining process and the demand! If have antirust requirements in the process of stamping workpiece, it is recommended to use stamping which has the function of rust antirust oil! Workpiece stamping is completed, if need to rust, recommend the use of special anti-rust oil at this time. Specific types of anti-rust oil can be determined according to the situation! Residues in the manufacturing process of stamping parts are usually on stamping parts stamping oil and washing oil reserves the rust during 1 ~ 2 months, during which usually keep stamping factory and antirust processing. Automotive stamping parts, for example, the packing is a box of late, the overall anti-rust film, internal auxiliary antirust other manner, implement during 1 year or so of anti-rust, fully meet the requirements of shipping and storage. Workpiece stamping processing is completed, select the rust-proof can undertake choosing according to the following three points if your stamping parts inventory, rust prevention, more than one year suggest choose the professional oil film rust-proof oil at this time. Packing in custody before, antirust effect good anti-rust oil seal, prevent rust. Late if it is need to export the stamping transported by sea, advised to choose a salt spray performance of anti-rust oil, rust-proof oil such as salt fog. If you stamping antirust requirements of volatile oil, the oil film thin, antirust time for half a year, you can choose to rust-proof oil!
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