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Stamping parts order cost down know? I tell you

by:Fortuna     2021-01-30
About stamping custom-made cost accounting, corporate finance department has professional way of calculation, but as a technical personnel, also must master stamping custom-made costing, including stamping mould making, for stamping outsourcing, outsourcing product selection and calculation; Stamping parts order cost several related elements: 1. Stamping parts order when the choice of materials, the cost of the material not the weight of the obtained blank, but stamping materials consumed when producing weight to calculate. 2. Stamping parts custom-made mold fee, usually die material consumption, the consumption of artificial calculation; 3. Used by stamping customized equipment, fixture tools, such as' stamping equipment is generally equipment depreciation cost calculation, use of the basic facilities such as power consumption per hour; Consumption of appliances such as 4. Stamping parts custom-made artificial charge, generally refers to the stamping each process production of artificial cost; 5. Stamping customized packaging, transport, internal and external flow, involves the basic materials and artificial cost; 6. Stamping parts production workshop, workshop according to the general depreciation in 20 years, according to the using area of discretionary contribution; 7. Stamping production when artificial management expenses, general factory personnel according to the proportion of calculation; 8. National tax calculation; Little author introduces about these points about stamping parts order will produce cost, can according to the calculation of this in-depth, basic a stamping production cost is already in place, each ring cannot little, understand these elements, from the source control, we can find something to control. The above article is derived from the metal stamping parts processing, automobile stamping parts manufacturers 18 years ( ) Enterprise original, reproduced please indicate the source Relevant recommendation 】 Details: how much do you know the new energy automotive stamping parts? Details: sharing details of stamping processing industry: precision metal stamping parts figure how to draw, please be aware that this several steps
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