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Stamping parts processing

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Stamping is efficient production methods, the use of compound die, especially the multi-station progressive die, it can be finished in a pressure on multichannel stamping process, realize the pick-up uncoiling, leveling, cutting to the forming and finishing of automatic production. High production efficiency, good working conditions, low production cost, general can produce hundreds of pieces per minute. Alien stamping parts processing, including blanking, winding, deep drawing, forming and finishing process. Stamping parts processing information is secondary hot rolled or cold rolled ( Mainly cold-rolled) Metal strip material, such as carbon steel, tinplate, copper and copper alloy plate, galvanized sheet, aluminum and aluminum alloy plate, etc. Metal stamping parts is the most commonly used metal processing, machinery manufacturing category of parts. Due to the pressure discharge die mold manipulation than flow discharge when lunch, the operator can see the material sent to move in the mould, and delicately stripper plate discharging toward a strip material is flexible, not damage appearance of workpiece, thus practice idea of mining pressure unloading board as far as possible, and as long as in the stripper plate discharging pressure force are lacking, to convert flow stripper plate. Alien stamping use mould is to use stripper plate, pressure or flow stripper plate, depends on the size of the discharge power, in which the material thickness is secondary data thinking elements. Stamping parts processing is applied mold shape metal plate with seizures or separation processing method. Its use category is very broad. Deformed sheet metal stamping parts of the purchased annealing level can be suitable for subsequent will stop of stamping parts processing, different kinds of stamping parts processing, demand different hardness level plate. Metal stamping parts in production safety is a very important question. In the production of dozens, hundreds of pieces of metal stamping parts per minute, in a short time to complete the feeding, stamping, out and discharge waste, personal, equipment and quality accidents occurred frequently. A: strength of stamping parts
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