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Stamping parts processing all kinds of craft in the process of how to solve the problem

by:Fortuna     2020-05-03
Now most steel stamping parts processing, and can produce different workpiece stamping parts processing, the rib or flange is difficult to make in order to increase its stiffness, stamping parts processing parts is curved, usually used in the manufacture of vehicles, in the process of manufacturing stamping parts processing parts, steel plate in the process of stamping parts processing and bending rebound, the rebound in the quality of stamping parts processing and precision have a direct impact. In vehicle parts stamping processing bending process, effectively control or eliminate springback, for it is very important to improve the machining precision of the stamping parts, now realized that in the process of vehicle parts stamping processing bending rules and experience formula, know to control or eliminate stamping processing parts bending springback of effective measures, stamping parts processing, is through to the plate and outline of the external force, to form the required shape and size of the workpiece. By extrusion punch and mold for plastic deformation or separation, when in the process of stamping parts processing parts processing requirements of the quality of the cross section and size precision is high, can be in the application process, after adding shear process or direct use of precise inhibition process, in order to improve the stability of precision stamping parts processing, sometimes need to increase the number of process to ensure the quality of stamping parts processing. In many cases, the steps of bent member number mainly depends on the shape of the structure complexity, it depends on the relative location of the number of bending Angle and bending direction, when the radius of curvature is less than allowable values of bending components, add after bending forming process, this can be achieved by calculation to determine the drawing process, when the depth of the rounded corners small or size precision is high, after drawing need modeling process, the number of stamping parts processing parts must be determined according to the existing processing equipment, molding ability must be able to ensure that the fitting precision of mould processing increase, otherwise can only increase the operating frequency.
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