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Stamping parts processing equipment maintenance and maintenance

by:Fortuna     2020-03-31
In the use of all kinds of equipment, it is very critical for effective inspection and maintenance, at the time of inspection, with a clean surface of gauze cleaning equipment, inspectors must be on parts of punching machine along the contact surface longitudinal contact gloves, the test depends on the experience, the inspector can detect the suspicious area carefully when necessary, but this method is an effective and rapid method. Clean surface with a clean gauze first, and then use abrasive polishing, there's a circular arc with a relatively small oil stone is hard to contact, the choice of particle size depends on the surface condition, it is recommended to use fine abrasive, abrasive polishing is basically the longitudinal direction, and a good adhesion in the stamping on the surface, these parts can also add special horizontal grinding location, with a clean cloth clean the shell surface, the surface of the stamping in longitudinal direction through the soft sand nets on the surface polishing, can easily find any barbed incision, with a clean cloth clean the shell surface, then use clean brush will oil evenly coated in the same direction in the seal on the surface, the pattern of the oil is placed under the strong light, proposed to stamping parts in body position, using this method, it is easy to find the small scratches in stamping parts, visual inspection is mainly used to detect the appearance of the parts stamping anomalies and macroscopic defects, stamping parts placed in the inspection tools, stamping parts according to the requirements of the inspection tool manual operation for testing. In actual production, often use similar to the stamping process of process test, the tensile strength test, the tensile properties of, for example, in order to ensure the quality of the finished product and the high rate of rating, the precision of the mould and structure affect the structure of the stamping parts and precision directly, the cost of the mould manufacturing and life are important factors that affecting the quality of stamping parts cost and mold design and manufacturing needs more time, it use the stamping device is longer.
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