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Stamping parts processing how should choose to have in the performance of the oil

by:Fortuna     2021-01-31
In the process of production of stamping parts, stamping oil use is indispensable, it can not only for stamping process provides good lubrication and cooling, can also help to extend the service life of equipment. So what conditions are required to stamping oil? First of all, of course, want to have good lubricity, otherwise it will cause artifacts or material adverse effect, not only the quality of stamping parts is not high, also is shorten the service life of the stamping die. Also have a certain cooling, will produce a lot of heat in the process of stamping, if not timely send out easy to cause the deformation of the material. In order to effectively avoid the emergence of a rusty after molding, stamping oil used for rust protection, so to protect the oil film on the surface of the stamping parts from being damaged, so as to achieve good antirust effect. In practical applications, the antirust effect is also affected by the nature of the stamping oil, processing conditions and factors such as environment factors, so the oil anti-rust demand higher. In order to simplify the process while improving the production efficiency, used for stamping oil oil with welding effect, prevent stamping defects formed during welding with oil. At the same time, defatted sex is one of the pressing and some basic performance requirements, don't forget. In addition, because usually in stamping parts processing before oil besmear is on the board, so it must have good control, can last a period of time, on the one hand stamping oil other performance decreases with the elapse of time.
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