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Stamping parts processing is the key to what

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
The key of stamping parts processing skills in fact is that the selected process, the detailed process groups and the different parameters are selected, the following let's and let's review of this issue. Expectations can be, and let's discuss together, to see the details! First, lies in stamping parts processing process organization. Normally, we will be cutting edge superhard machining process after quenching organization type in surface finishing behind and semi-finishing edge processing. Then using nc machine tool edge of superhard processing. The second demand attention skill points is the blade hardness. Usually is the requirement of blade hardness after quenching treatment should reach HRC55 ~ 65. The third key point is the width of the blade. In processing of stamping process, the use of the upper die cutting edge band width should be controlled within 25 mm, outside edge of the blade and its mould belt width may not exceed 20 mm, inside the lower die cutting edge blade belt width should be kept within 15 mm. If beyond this size, you should milling back empty before quenching. The fourth key point lies in the machine tool. Advocate let's choose the system has good stability and high precision with a closed-loop servo system of nc machine tools. The fifth key point lies in the margin. Also is to say, in the process of processing stampings, use the blade after semi-finishing, reserving machining allowance should remain at zero. 2 to 0. Within 3 mm size. Otherwise if processing capacity is too big, appears to cause a decline in accuracy, may also cause tool wear problem together, and if margin is too small and quenching deformation age may lead to lack of material. A key point is the selected tool quality. Normally, we in the select tool, should check the applicable, safety and economy of the three criteria. In the case of satisfactory stamping processing requirements, it shall make its tool suspended length as short as possible, cutter diameter as large as possible, in order to control better processing the roughness of the appearance.
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