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Stamping parts processing of materials how to choose

by:Fortuna     2020-05-05
Now the work of stamping parts processing with high efficiency and easy operation, and easy to carry on the processing and automation, this is because the stamping parts processing is to mold and stamping parts processing equipment to complete the processing, PuTongJi trip number can reach dozens of times per minute, by mechanical processing equipment operation can effectively, and the consistency of each plate shape on the surface of the support, and shapes on the surface of the workpiece under the agreement, the above model by the digital manufacturing. In the process of stamping parts processing, only the outer surface of the workpiece contact with pressurized liquid, and the pressing process is relatively smooth and symmetrical pressure distribution can be obtained, and can obtain more smooth outer surface, shorten processing time, realize the mass production, production of stamping parts processing parts before, of course, must complete materials and thorough inspection, to ensure that they meet the requirements for the production, and to prevent further problems on the workpiece. Based on past experience, the stamping processing materials should be selected, such as the size of the thickness of only by selecting rational stamping by the high quality of drawing processing, when selecting a treatment plant stamping parts processing, also need to pay attention to the design of stamping parts processing, must strictly abide by the provisions of the approval procedures in accordance with the relevant national standards and industry standards, precision parts, stamping parts and stamping parts processing parts and mold processing technology, mold must also be made in accordance with the approved plan, in order to improve the quality of products and prolong the service life of tools. Considering the importance and particularity of stamping parts, it is necessary to ensure the integrity of their functions, both production and storage, therefore, it is best to put it in a sealed box body or a relatively closed space, protect the product from the influence factors of complete protection will reduce, so stable quality usually don't need a mechanical cutting, in addition to the traditional use steel die and punch stamping parts processing, and they have rapidly developed several special drawing forming process, thus improve the level of technology to a new level.
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