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Stamping parts processing plant, talk about the advantages and disadvantages of hot stamping

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Stamping parts processing plants, processing metal stamping parts, stainless steel stamping parts, metal drawing parts, etc., stamping processing is divided into hot stamping and cold stamping, hot stamping as an emerging forming technology, as another effective way of high-strength stamping parts, It has broad application prospects in the automotive field. More and more foreign models, including economic cars, have adopted hot stamping parts; domestic, European and American models have also widely adopted steel hot stamping parts. The typical body parts suitable for hot stamping mainly include front and rear door left and right anti-collision bars, front and rear bumpers, A-pillar reinforcement plates, B-pillar reinforcement plates, C-pillar reinforcement plates, floor mid-channels, roof reinforcement beams, etc. Compared with cold stamping, hot stamping has many obvious advantages; its advantages are: 1. Compared with cold stamping, hot stamping has better formability; 2. When stamping parts are processed, if the equipment tonnage is relatively small In general, 800T high-speed hydraulic press can meet the needs of hot stamping of most body parts; 3. Good dimensional accuracy, the strength of cold stamping parts is only about 600M Pa, and there is obvious rebound, but hot stamping parts hardly appear In this case, the strength of hot stamping parts is about 1500M Pa, and there is almost no rebound phenomenon; 4. The surface hardness, dent resistance and rigidity of the parts are relatively good; 5. For automobile stamping parts, super high strength This can reduce the thickness of the parts, reduce the number of body reinforcement plates, improve the collision performance of the body, and realize the effective weight reduction of the body; hot stamping processing technology also has disadvantages, mainly as follows: 1. Hot stamping parts The manufacturing cost is high, the price of hot stamping die is high, the energy consumption is high, and laser cutting is required, so the cost is much higher than that of cold stamping; 2. The production and processing process is relatively slow; 3. When stamping, the working environment is relatively harsh, and it is easy to produce shot peening deformation; the article recommends: What is the integral die and die edge in the stamping die? Previous post: The influence of layout design on metal stamping parts in progressive die stamping processing
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