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Stamping parts processing plant talk about the types of micro cutting fluid processing

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
In the processing of metal stamping parts, stamping parts processing plants must ensure that the stamping products do not rust or turn black within a certain period of time. They must use finishing cutting fluids for the products and the cutting fluids used by stamping parts processing plants. It is suitable for cutting, grinding, tapping, stamping, drilling of aluminum alloy, copper alloy, zinc alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel, ductile iron; Oil-based system. The oil-based system's micro-cutting fluid is the same as the conventional cutting oil. It is made up of base oil plus various additives. The base oils that can be used as a micro-cutting fluid are mainly vegetable oils, synthetic esters, polyglycols, polyethers, and low-carbon oils. Viscosity poly alpha olefin, etc. In the early days, these types of base oils were used directly, especially for synthetic esters. Later, with appropriate additives, some more mature oil-based micro-cutting fluid products were developed. The pure-oil system of micro-cutting fluids is only supplied for processing. Single cutting oil; oil-water mixed system pure oil system has potential fire hazards, poor cooling, and large oil mist. Researchers in Japan developed a micro-cutting fluid processing technology of oil-water mixing system around 1999, which is called oil film with water droplets processing. The source of water is abundant, the cooling performance number is non-toxic and tasteless, and there is no ecological environment hazard. Pay attention to the shortcomings of lubrication. Poor performance, easy to cause corrosion, etc.; oil-water mixed micro-cutting fluid can better take into account the respective advantages of oil and water. Therefore, some research reports and application examples have appeared in the past ten years, which have become a major focus of development and research. The micro-cutting fluid processing of the oil-water mixing system supplies both cutting oil and water-based liquid at the same time; Recommended article: Why design a checking tool for checking stamping parts? Previous post: Several principles of precision stamping parts processing
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