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Stamping parts processing plants need regular maintenance of molds. What are the specific points?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Stamping parts processing manufacturers must regularly maintain the stamping parts molds they use to extend the service life of the molds. The molds must be fully and thoroughly overhauled to ensure the production efficiency and quality of the later metal stamping products; then the content of the regular maintenance of the stamping molds What are included, let’s take a look; 1. Clean the mold cavity, oil stains and waste on the mold surface, spray anti-rust oil after cleaning; 2. Clean the guide posts, guide sleeves, guide plates, blank holders, and oil stains on the guide rails , Refill with fresh and clean lubricating oil; 3. Check the condition of the fastening and positioning parts to replace the damaged parts, and tighten the loose parts; 4. Check whether the drawing, forming, and pressing surfaces are worn, and then the worn Perform repair welding, research and polishing, etc. of the parts; 5. Check the pressing and unloading parts, and repair and replace the damaged parts; 6. Check the guide and the inclined wedge mechanism, and repair the worn and cracked parts , Replace; 7. Check the wear condition of punches and cutting edges, grind and replace the worn areas. 8. Check the template, mold base wear, deformation, wear and deformation parts to repair and replace; 9. Check the flanging die, The gap between the convex and concave molds of the integral mold and the wear of the ridgeline, repairing if there is abrasion, etc.; the stamping part mold maintenance personnel must maintain the entire part of the mold to ensure efficient work in the later stamping parts processing; article recommendation: stamping parts processing What are the three major elements in? Previous post: What operating rules should be followed during the use of metal stamping parts molds?
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