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Stamping parts processing poor root cause analysis and cracking

by:Fortuna     2021-01-31
Stamping application should have is beyond our imagination, almost every field of life will be involved. But everybody in the use of this kind of stamping parts, always going to have some problems, no matter what the reason is to timely solve the stamping of these faults. Meet stamping parts processing adverse circumstance, the conventional approach is that the first deformation compensation should be determined according to the material, product structure, etc; And then according to the amount of compensation design mold stamping out finished or semi-finished products; And further processing of semi-finished products to finished products. Common adverse phenomenon and stamping parts including crack, wrinkle, strain, uneven thickness, not forming such as tapping and thread processing, etc. A little bit in the process of stamping process not careful, you will appear a variety of defects, such as stamping craze. When pressing the internal stress, the influence of external shocks or environmental conditions, will be produced on the surface or internal crack. This cracking phenomenon often occurred in stamping the rounded part, cracking part thickness thinning is large, in order to prevent cracking, should from the stamping parts of the structure and forming technology and die design analysis, and take corresponding measures. Improved from the aspects of structure of stamping parts, ask its radius as far as possible big some, surface shape in the direction of drawing the actual depth of shallow some, everywhere and even some depth, shape changes as simple as possible and as far as possible some gentle and so on, to reduce the possibility of cracking. If think in terms of drawing process, stamping parts of the drawing direction as far as possible to make the surface contact between the punch and the blank, the reasonable material surface shape and blank-holder force so that each part of the material surface resistance even moderately, to reduce the drawing depth, open hole and process, etc. In addition, the reasonable design of the mould can also prevent craze, rationality embodies drawbead in the stamping mold, using a larger die fillet, make reasonable punch and die clearance, etc.
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