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Stamping parts processing section of burr in the process of how to deal with

by:Fortuna     2020-05-02
Stamping parts processing as an industry, in the processing industry of the national economy occupies an important position, the electronic components factory, instrument pointer to the heavy duty automobile covering parts and aviation aircraft fuselage and so on all need stamping processing, but the stamping parts of the flash tends to affect the quality of the stampings. The quality of stamping parts, small repair here is combined with his own work practice and theory summarizes how to reduce the stamping burr. The mechanical properties of materials directly affect the cross section of the burr. Materials for the plastic material, stamping later, cracks appear when shear depth is big, the cross section of bright area is big, rounded corners, cross section burr small and thin. The size of the mould clearance directly affect the profiles of burrs. Blanking, fracture and crack are overlapping, convex concave gap value associated with the size of the mould, when the gap by hours, from the original mould crack near the edge, pointing to the punch under the high stress area, become more crack, when the punch to trendy, crack extension is restrained, produces secondary shear force I. In the middle of the upper and lower crack and part of the material surface high and thin of burr formation, die clearance increased. When the mould clearance is too large, the material of bending and stretching increases, close to the expansion and fracture state, easy to crack, reduce brightness with proportion, and the material has a larger Angle, vertical difference of the cross section is big, big and thick burr formation, difficult to remove, tends to NE. Reduce the die clearance. Has a direct influence on the cutting edge of the mould to the cross section of burrs. When the mold use for a long time, when the cutting edge wear, compression force increases, flash. According to the shape of the edge of the wear and tear, burr forming thicker burr in the root. Relevant search: stamping parts processing, metal stamping parts, brazing processing link: http://www. wuxilongshun。 com/
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