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Stamping parts processing technology how to guarantee

by:Fortuna     2020-05-06
In stamping parts processing and forming process, the slide between the punch and die with processing, it is cavity increase flow resistance of blade is more thin, thus by conventional forming process, not processing with ultra-high bumps in the sheet drawing parts, in the work, part of the super-high solid convex platform is studied, according to the numerical simulation and a series of process experiments, developed a continuous mold, the ultrahigh pressure convex sets of stamping parts processing. Obtained extrusion composite bending through study, the new technology, the method can performs with ultra-high bumps in sheet stamping processing parts processing, processing part of the other methods, the new processing the sidewalls of the wagons stainless steel in the process of stamping parts processing, to ensure the lateral wall of the flatness of the method has many advantages, advanced stamping parts processing technology and the medium used to supplement the stainless steel, the internal structure of car side wall parts. Such as shell side post reinforcement and other stamping parts processing methods, to ensure the stainless steel wall roughness and general aesthetic feeling, so the plate bending process of reinforcement and the roof bending beam repair process, through the analysis of the processing method of special shape, from the shape of the layout of the initial symmetrical design, understand the process of stamping parts processing, the results show that the symmetric composite forming process to improve the processing ability of the product, reduce the manufacturing cost, the numerical control technology applied to the forming of stamping parts processing parts, the principle of numerical control compression is studied, to know the difference between the CNC ripple and traditional corrugated. Burr in the production of new stamping equipment to solve the problem, through the upper and lower bone extrusion processing department, while maintaining the extrusion of the middle part of the problem, and when the final fine cut, fault zone in the middle, only so stamping parts processing parts can be accurately installed in injection molding tools, to improve the recognition rate of injection products, industrial production activities, is a process of common stamping parts processing. Relevant search: stamping parts processing, metal stamping parts, sheet metal stamping related links: http://www. wuxilongshun。 com/
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