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Stamping parts processing why waste?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Stamping parts processing why waste? Stamping parts stamping parts processing process will often produce some waste, for these scrap parts is belong to waste, and cannot be used in industry, the causes of stamping parts for waste analysis, we analyze the reason today. 1. Stamping parts raw materials of inferior quality 2. Die and improper use 3 to install. Die because of long-term use, clearance changes in working parts and guiding parts wear 4 or itself. Die due to the impact of vibration time is too long, loose fastening parts, stamping die relative change of the installation position 5. The operator didn't put the stock right along the positioning feed or not according to certain gap feeding 6. Operation error, not according to operation procedures to operate on a: metal stamping parts of choose and buy
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