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Stamping parts processing will meet what problem

by:Fortuna     2020-04-27
In use of stamping equipment, surplus material around the punch shape by stamping method is formed, stamping torque, the main reason is the influence of the impact force, when drilling, as a result of the existence of drill hole space, material in the mold on the side of tensile and compression in the punch side, when using discharge plate, material expelled plate pressure, to prevent the deformation of substrate material side up. The tension of the material status change accordingly, when the pump more plate material, the punch side of the material is stretched, and mold on the surface of the material is compressed, the reversal of the pattern is due to the tensile mold on the surface of the material, so when drilling, rotation is to prevent the punch press and press materials, the key into the mold, the arrangement of the cutting sequence can affect the formation of the embossing precision, thus will affect the use of stamping parts, because more than the traditional mould design structure, make the material space open on the discharge plate. When the mould is closed, discharge plate connected to the die, the space between the discharge plate and plate of concave die in receiving materials than the material thickness, the value in this way, the discharge plate moving smoothly in the process of stamping, and can suppress material, in the key part of the formation, the discharge plate must be converted into a Mosaic structure, so that the discharge plate pressure caused by long time pressure, the damage of polishing and can't suppress material, increase the powerful pressure. That is, increase the size of the insert a blank part of the eduction to increase the pressure on the side of mould material, thus inhibiting the deformation of the stamping process in stamping punch on the edge of the end is cut or bent, it is an effective method of reducing the buffer power, by reducing damping force, can relieve the tension in the mold side of the material, thus inhibiting the deformation of the stamping parts, in the daily production of mould, must pay attention to keep the die cutting edge sharpness, when cutting edge wear, material tensile stress will increase, and stamping parts will be distorted.
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