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Stamping parts should be how to do

by:Fortuna     2020-04-29
In use of stamping equipment, extrusion part is part of the production technology products, through the deformation with partial pressure mould with regular or special equipment compression power, thereby gaining a certain shape, size and performance, plank, tooling and equipment is the three elements of design, stamping is a kind of cold deformation of metal products. So it is called cold stamping or moulding board, it was known as the embossing, it is one of the main method of metal plastic processing, is a part of engineering technology, most of the steel in the world are made out of metal plate, most of them are stamping molding, auto radiator main body, but a large number of stamping parts, this pattern is a kind of effective replication activity, using composite mould, abnormal is gradually eliminate multiple station. Users can complete stamping operation in a print, and complete the material automatically generated, production speed, running time is long, low processing cost, can use hundreds of pieces per hour, is very popular in many factories, stamping can produce artifacts, with strengthening the rib is difficult to use, to strengthen manufacturing to increase its rigidity, due to the rough, the precision of the workpiece can reach micron grade, high precision, same specification, can be drilled from the hole, in the actual production. Similar to the stamping process of test, such as tensile strength test of tensile properties test, and is often used to ensure products quality and high ratings, in addition to the plate hydraulic press, usually accompanied by condensing press stamping equipment, focus on the current condensation transfer high-speed, computer configuration and stagnation and the replacement of the mold and rapid mold delivery, and use computer tube bundle, it can form dozens of print, in the process of stamping, finished in a short time, so the safety of stamping is a very important problem.
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