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Stamping parts to prepare packing protection?

by:Fortuna     2021-01-30
Stamping parts in our life are used daily, most of them use the raw materials such as iron, often lead to rust, because some improper protective reason in our daily production will happen the same problem. Most because of improper packing storage problem, when we press the environment is moist, stamping parts of the rust probability will be higher, so we in the production of finished, timely moisture moisture absorption processing of stamping parts. Stamping parts factory in suzhou, the rainy season too wet weather will make stamping environment workbench, ground surface appear small water droplets, if stamping surface electroplating bad, there will be local color phenomenon, more serious can cause mildew. But if the situation is serious, as long as we timely ventilation in order. If there has been a condensate or mildew, we'll wipe off the water first, in the mould with a mild detergent to remove, in the dehumidifier. These are more commonly used method, of course, if the rust has been very serious, then you must contact surface derusting electroplating factory, stamping restore original appearance; At the same time. We can according to batch stamping leaching rust-proof oil processing, do a good job after antirust, use appropriate packaging processing, make the appropriate protective measures, can effectively extend even put an end to stamping parts rust; 【 Relevant recommendation 】 Details: how much do you know the new energy automotive stamping parts? Details: sharing details of stamping processing industry: precision metal stamping parts figure how to draw, please be aware that this several steps
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