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Stamping parts where to run the market

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping parts market where to run? How long could it take before I got stamping processing orders, the factory want to continuous output capacity, said is not so easy. Each stamping processing orders for projects is made up of a number of factors, such as craft, material, technical requirements and drawings details, unit price, delivery time, suppliers. 。 。 ( We all are familiar with) Say so, if you want to get the stamping orders, basically have these ways: 1, widely meet industry procurement network resources 2, offline mining for docking activities 3, in the industry related platform or web site looking for purchase orders, such as: 168, the sea state intelligence online, China manufacturing network, the car network, etc. ( Several platforms have focused on: industry in 168 and China's manufacturing network is more, the sea of online is a professional non-standard parts orders website, provided for the auto industry, only if the single do non-standard parts or stamping processing, more recommend sea intellectual online) 4, enterprise can build your own website, in the search engine promotion advertisements, get the order. In addition, if have their own network resources, can also be acquaintance introduced order.
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