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Stamping parts which need pay attention to in the test

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Before processing stampings, must first to die for debugging, debugging good stamping die repeatedly, to safety, mass production of stamping parts products, so in the process of punching die debugging, we should pay attention to what aspects? 1, used in the test plate, its brand and to meet product such as mechanical properties of the requirements specified in drawings, general can not substitute; , article 2, used in the test material, the width shall meet the requirements of the process procedures, such as continuous mode test, the strip width is smaller than the distance between the two guide plate 0. 1 - 0. 15 mm is good; Article 3, used in the test material, on the length direction to ensure the straight without impurities; 4, while trying out die, die should be used on the designated equipment required. When installing a punching die, must be installed firmly, must never loose; 5, die in front of the debugging, the first to die for a comprehensive inspection, after inspection is no problem, can be installed in the machine; 6, the activity of progressive die parts, in the process of try before die or mould to refill lubricant, first to die for good lubrication; 7, test before the die cutting, must be grinding and finishing, to check the uniformity of clearance in advance to confirm the right, after the installation the pressure machine; 8, before the start of the test, to check the unloading and ejection device is flexible motion; 9, test the start of the first article, check carefully, if found stamping mould action is not normal or first article is unqualified, should immediately stop adjustment; 10, the test after the product parts, generally should not less than 20, and should be properly kept, so as the basis of delivery mould;
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