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Stamping process and characteristics of stamping parts is what

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping if classified according to the process of forming and separation process can be divided into two processes. Forming process of the goal is to make sheet metal plastic deformation under the condition of not broken slab, made into the required shape and dimensions of the workpiece. Separation process is also called the blanking, the intention is to make the stamping set general line along the advance separation from sheet metal, together to ensure the quality requirements of the separation section. In the practice produces, is often a variety of process inductive operating together in a workpiece. Blanking, vertical shear, spinning, replacement is often use stamping process. Stamping mainly is the metal or nonmetal sheet, with the pressure of the press, after stamping die stamping forming, it has the following characteristics: 5 gold stamping parts stamping with the appearance and extension of the sheet metal conform to impact on the quality of stamping waste is very big, beg for stamping data roughly, uniform thickness; Appearance of light, no spots, no scar, no scratch, no crack appearance, etc; Comply with the uniform strength, without understand bias; Even unfold. angry rate is high; Showed low; Work hardening low; Stamping parts with high dimension accuracy, with the modular scale uniform, good interchangeability. Don't need to be further machining can be satisfied with the general installation and use requirements; Stamping is in data break under the premise of consumption is not big, the blunt press, with light weight, good stiffness, its parts and sheet metal after plastic deformation, metal lost to improve the internal structure of the layout of the strength of stamping parts forward; Stamping parts in stamping process, because the data are not destroyed in the heart, so have a good quality in the heart, outside enjoying smooth and beautiful, for the spray paint, electroplating, phosphating and also supply the arbitrary treatment in heart.
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