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Stamping process classification

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Metal stamping parts has the characteristics of superior castings and forgings, thinner and more uniform, lighter, more strength. The stamping products have more advantages than other craft, such as with strong gluten or there are ups and downs or flanging, these characteristics are greatly increase its rigidity. Which used in precision metal stamping, stamping parts processing precision of the workpiece micron level, the precision is very high, good consistency between the batches, specifications on average. Stamping parts processing can be seen in all walks of life development, the development of the automotive stamping parts overwhelming, body, chassis and fuel tank, radiator fin, motor and so on are the result of the stamping parts processing. There are two main types of stamping process classification: separation and forming two process. Stamping parts processing and the selection of the raw material also has certain requirements, stamping mould is indispensable, of course, the condition also to have certain standard. After a series of processes, to become a qualified components. Cold stamping is more convenient type of stamping parts processing, generally no longer need cutting, or only a small amount of cutting, and hot stamping is better than that of castings and forgings, surface precision and the surface state and lower than the cold stamping. Two working procedure in the process of stamping, blanking, which is also called the deformation under the action of sheet in stamping die, made from qualified size of workpiece. Other such as cutting, bending, deep drawing, such as correction has become a indispensable part in all kinds of working procedure. A: die design
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