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Stamping process of sheet metal stamping parts processing

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
Sheet metal stamping parts are very common in daily life, like some shielding covers, decorative parts, appearance parts, etc., the processing technology of sheet metal stamping parts also requires our technical personnel to understand and master the knowledge, let's talk about it briefly; Metal refers to a steel plate whose plate thickness is much smaller than its length. Its lateral bending resistance is relatively poor. It is not suitable for occasions subject to lateral bending loads. The processing technology of sheet metal stamping parts has its special characteristics. The basic processing methods of metal parts can be roughly divided into the following types: blanking, bending, stretching, forming, and welding; sheet metal stamping parts have the following characteristics in the processing; 1. easy to deform, so that various forms of components can be manufactured 2. The thin plate is light in weight; 3. It is easy to cut and weld, and can manufacture large and complex parts; 4. The shape is standardized and easy to process. Recommended article: Precautions for entering the stamping part production workshop Previous: Metal stamping parts mold discharge plate How is it maintained?
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