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Stamping processing factors affecting springback amount of bending

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
Factors affecting the amount of springback are t parts material, thickness, strong pressure, the size and shape of the mould. ( 1) Punch radius of curvature. The springback amount increases with the increase of the radius of curvature and, decreases with the decrease of the radius of curvature is because different materials differ slightly, but generally it is advisable to choose thickness of the following. At the same time must also consider the minimum curvature radius bending sheet metal. ( 2) Die shoulder radius is too small. Die shoulder radius is too large when parts outward open, small parts inward tilt. General selection of thickness of 2 ~ 4 times. ( 3) Bending depth. Bending depth of interior and exterior open big, small open outward decreases with the increase of depth. Usually, the bending depth should be in the thickness of more than four times. ( 4) Concavo-convex touch of clearance. Intensive clearance is bigger than plate thickness, sheet metal can't fit very well on the punch. Punch radius is bigger, the greater the springback amount, on the contrary, clearance after hours, almost eliminate springback, but turn inward tilt. It is advisable to 5 mm. Because all these effects because of the existence of the case, so if the comprehensive investigation of these factors and the essence of the springback, is easy to find the causes of springback is cable, then stopped for the reason. The root cause of the springback is done after bending processing materials, bending parts by non-uniform stress. If this part will be uneven stress into a uniform stress, even for the whole cross section on or for the tensile stress and compressive stress can decrease the springback amount. However, some parts of deformation have special requirements, such as unfavorable impression, it must be adopted in design and process the appropriate solution. For this kind of parts, appropriate USES the shape of convex concave die, also can well small springback amount. The previous: wood plastic floor advantage is introduced
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