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Stamping processing Is the processing precision of low-speed wire-cutting higher than that of fast-speed wire cutting?

Stamping processing Is the processing precision of low-speed wire-cutting higher than that of fast-speed wire cutting?


Yes, that's right, the machining accuracy of low-speed wire cutting is higher than that of fast-speed wire cutting in stamping, do you know why? Yiwei Precision has been committed to the processing of precision stamping parts and metal insert injection molding for more than 10 years. It can customize various metal stamping parts, stretched shells, metal rubber-coated parts, etc. Welcome to inquire. Next, the editor from Dongguan Fortuna will answer this question for you.


1. Electrode wire: Molybdenum wire with reciprocating motion is used for fast wire-traveling. After long-time processing, the wire diameter decreases and the processing size becomes larger, while slow-moving wire uses disposable copper wire or galvanized wire, etc., from the workpiece Only one discharge is carried out on the battery, so it can be used repeatedly.


2. Wire guide: The wire electrode of the fast-moving wire is positioned by the guide wheel. When the guide wheel rotates at high speed, there will be axial and radial jumps, resulting in a decrease in precision and smoothness. Slow wire walking uses a diamond wire guide or a gemstone wire guide. The wire guide itself is fixed on the upper and lower heads and does not move, so it is not easy to shake the wire.


3. The screw and guide rail detection of the machine tool: the fast wire has no closed-loop detection function. The slow wire is detected by a grating ruler. If the moving distance does not reach the predetermined size, it will be detected and the lead screw motor will continue to rotate to reach the predetermined position.


4. Multi-pass processing: WEDM can only be processed once, and the material will be deformed after processing. Slow wire walking can be processed multiple times, the material will release stress after rough cutting, and the deformation will be smaller during finishing, achieving high precision.

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