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Stamping processing of several common craft!

by:Fortuna     2021-02-07
Stamping processing four common molding process! Blanking: for separation of sheet metal stamping process, Including punching and blanking, trimming, cutting, etc. ) 。 Bending: the sheet metal along the curved line bent into a certain Angle and shape of the stamping process. Flat sheet metal into various drawing: open the hollow parts, or further change the shape, size of the hollow parts stamping process. Local forming: with a variety of different properties of local deformation to change or stamping parts stamping process (in the shape of blank Including the flanging, bulging, school and shaping process, etc. ) 。 Process characteristics 1, stamping is a kind of high production efficiency, low material consumption of processing methods. Stamping process is suitable for the mass production parts products, easy to realize mechanization and automation, has high production efficiency, at the same time, the stamping production can not only try to less waste, and no waste production, and even in some cases have leftover bits of material, also can make full use of. 2, operation process is convenient, do not need the operator has a higher level of skill. 3, the parts stamping generally don't need to do mechanical processing, has the high dimensional accuracy. 4, stamping parts have good compatibility. Can exchange with each other, not affect the assembly and product performance. 5, due to the stamping with plank material, its surface quality is better, for the subsequent surface treatment process ( Such as electroplating, spray paint) Provides a convenient conditions. 6, stamping processing and can obtain high strength, high stiffness and light weight of the parts. 7, with mold production of stamping parts cost. 8, stamping can create other metal machining method is difficult to work out the shape of the complex parts. Stamping equipment according to the transmission structure: manual punching machine, hydraulic press, high-speed mechanical punch press machining accuracy: ordinary punch, precision punch press use scope: ordinary punch, special punch processing characteristics. Stamping processing of high production efficiency, and easy to operate, easy to realize mechanization and automation. 2. Stamping of stable quality, good compatibility, has the characteristics of 'the same'. 3. The strength and stiffness of stamping was high. 4. Lower the cost of stamping parts. ( In fact it is so fast) ( The process of stretching to bit by bit) ( Circular workpiece bend) ( Place the workpiece bending) ( V-shape bending) This is the basic of metal stamping forming process, distinguishes between for precision stamping forming after cutting, plate surface will not have scratches, burrs, front. And the efficiency is higher than ordinary metal stamping continuously for several times.
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