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Stamping processing technology

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Under the condition of the product category is increasing, with the manufacturing tolerance of small, has violated the challenge of cutting properties, material properties. Under the basic premise of customer satisfaction, the stamping process in the high speed in the production of this service, engineering, people, things, land, material, equipment, management and so on various differences and changes of the extended all kinds of technical obstacles. Due to stamping team the accumulation of experience, the more serious and prone to change because of to its essential to master and control, this will be for the mold production of bad to put into words, arising from a list of the cases are not biased, technology of deep still need team work together to study, hopes that by the deepening of the narrator, accelerate the understanding of stamping features, not only is a technology of grant, more ideas. A chip, jump: due to the high speed cutting, the punch to eat into the material, causing the punch end between the material and in a vacuum, so the cutting sheets after adsorption jump out of the cavity, then cause moving strip bruised and deformation, the outline of the cutting shape, clearance, material properties and thickness, cutting oil, selection and dosage, S. P。 M speed, blade or failure, such as cutting depth are main factors affecting jump crumbs. Plant the following mode lie and air to attract the most commonly used. Otherwise blanking taper changes, blowing method, the punch face method, the lifter rod set system, lower die grab materials, cutting contour change, lower die cutting edge Angle and eat into the depth adjustment method such as tie-in use depending on practice. Chip spring prevention method, for example: a. Only the method b. Pour the taper c. Class hole & amp; Grasp hook d. R arc e. Deflection of blanking profile change profile 2, : slightness pieces when cutting, due to blunt cut surface from the component of influence, make the finished product ideal axis offset the specification, the deflection of squeezing by foreign body also can cause the bad. In bending engineering, long needle under torsion, bending forming punch and die asymmetry will cause after bending deflection of finished products. General borrow its characteristics with dot, slope and design correction adjustment measures to control. Three, the punch to grind cutting direction: the punch forming processing, the processing direction and roughness will influence the strip material cutting resistance, beautiful finished product precision, tangent, cut surface, tool life, caused the distortion of the friction, cuttings etc. Bad phenomenon. If very strict high-speed precision punching, its punch more polishing must be administered to control the above change.
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