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Stamping production intelligent control technology

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
1) Stamping production intelligent control technology is a field of developing quickly. It on the basis of the material, process integration, process database on the basis of existing materials and realize the stamping process of on-line control and intelligent control. ( 2) On the material or process parameters established on-line detection system, when the material performance or process parameters change or fluctuate, by the online automatic detection system to determine the related parameters of instantaneous value, and through the computer simulation analysis and optimization software to determine the parameters after the best process parameter combination. ( 3) After adjusting process parameters, automatic control system can realize the adaptive control of stamping process. New production data accumulated gradually, can further be the process optimization of subsequent processing base. Essentially all the core competitiveness of the physical product is technology and quality, stamping parts processing production also is such, need to keep learning and technological breakthroughs to in an invincible position in the market. As precision, has been committed to research and break through the existing horizon, tissue engineers every year to visit exchange activities, but also lead to a few large exhibition to visit learning, etc. Alien complex stamping products can look for our evaluation, the author want to be your help.
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