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Stamping punch as material, the cause of the distortion

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
In progressive die, die-cutting stamping surrounding by the method of excess stock, to form the appearance of salt pieces. Salt pieces turn makings, distortions of the main reason for the influence of cutting force. Blanking, as a result of the existence of blanking clearance, material in the side of the concave die drawing ( Material up warping) , rely on the convex side by compression. When using stripper plate, using the stripper plate clamp material, to prevent the side of the die material up warping, at this point, the stress of the material of the corresponding change. With the increase of the unloading slabs the blank material force, rely on the convex side of material by the tensile ( Compression force decreases) Material and die surface compression ( Tensile strength decreases) 。 Stamping parts as the flip of material on the surface of the concave die caused by stretching. So when cutting, pressure and pressure material is prevent salt pieces turn makings, the key point of distortion.
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