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Stamping sheet metal accessories, such as how to wash after polishing wax residue in the above

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Hardware accessories at the time of surface application of surface processing is very strict, a lot of metal stamping parts are required to polishing, because often collide in the process of production or a knife edge, if not directly using the machinery and equipment under the condition of polishing not only influence the appearance of the product have some exposed the hardware that is easy to produce harm to workers in the process of operation, such as metal parts assembly with burrs on the machinery and equipment, the late staff to adjust the machine is not careful will scratch hand, there is also a part of the metal parts is used in our daily life, such products need more polishing processing, however, many people will ask when we polishing products will remain some polishing wax, on how to clean up the material? Under the following simple introduction by staff for you to how to solve the first after polishing wax residue: we want to place our polishing good hardware accessories metal stamping parts to cleaner or soaked in gasoline for a period of time, because of the gasoline to soften the wax, and then, we can use a clean cloth soaked in the hardware accessories for polishing the try, wipe with cloth will remain in the crevice material all cleared, in the process of wiping the absolute can't use hard objects to wipe it, it will be scratched the surface of the product. A collision is also easy to cause harm to the surface. A: metal stamping parts market development of the enterprise
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