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Stamping technology advantages and classification

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
A cold stamping process of the advantages of high production efficiency, 1 with stable quality, low consumption of material with high speed precision continuous mold production, more suitable for mass production, also easy to realize automation, in addition to the above advantages if the design reasonable collocation, stamping process is also suitable for many varieties of small batch production two classification according to the material deformation properties of cold stamping process to points: separation ( Cutting) ; - forming two groups of note: stamping processing - - - - - Use a variety of mechanical pressure, pressure is provided by the slider, through a mold to finish all kinds of action, so that the material to plastic deformation, in order to reach the goal of making into different parts 1 separation, make the material produces a permanent shear deformation of shear: use scissors or die cutting plate ( Cut off the line is not closed) B blanking: with mould along the closed line cutting board ( Down for the rest of the workpiece for waste) C punching: use mould along the closed line cutting board ( Down to waste) D: incision in the embryo will cut sheet metal parts, incision part bent ( '842' forming process point) E trimming: after deep drawing or forming cutting edges of semi-finished products surplus materials f semi-finished products cut into two or more artifacts, commonly used in double stamping forming 2 make the material produces elastic, plastic deformation, a bending: bent into shape with mold making material status ( Single Angle, depth, Angle after Mr. ) B round: the material end bending roll round c: part of the plate embryo of relative to another part of the torsional Angle of a deep drawing: d will push back the sheet metal into hollow parts ( Basic constant wall thickness) Deep drawing process is by plane ( Flange) The material is transferred to the shell ( Box) Side walls, so the larger changes in the shape of plane size e thinning drawing: with reduced diameter and wall thickness to increase the height of the workpiece method, to change the size of the hollow parts, get request at the bottom of the thick and thin wall workpieces by deep drawing parts, extrusion for wool embryo, with cylindrical parts rework ( Deep drawing for the first time for thinning drawing, technical difficult) F flanging: 1) Hole flanging: will the edge of the sheet metal or with a hole on the workpiece into the edge of the vertical 2) Flange flanging: sheet metal or artifacts of the outer edge of double circular arc or linear erect, bending the bending line is straight and flanging of reducing the bending line is curve of g: hollow narrow mouth not h flaring I ups and downs: sheet metal or workpieces drawing rod 'pattern or text, ups and downs of material thickness is thin j edge: the edge of hollow pieces of bulging roll into the shape of a certain k: make hollow parts or part of the tube along the radial expansion, a convex bulging belly shape to make punch can smooth out work, generally adopt elastomer ( Rubber) As convex mold material, and concave die is usually split type l spinning: the use of cast bar or roller cast sheet MAO embryo into a certain shape ( Points become thinner and thinner two) Spinning, according to various material plastic preform finally forms into close to MAO embryo n plastic ( Correction) : the shape of the inaccurate artifact correction, forming is sometimes restricted by process conditions, in the normal process cannot complete in continuous mode for a certain size can be made of a commonly, two plastic workers stand to adjust leveling o m embossing: changing the thickness of the workpiece in surface pressure out of the text or pattern, stamping and rolling forming, the ups and downs is a convex concave corresponds, and stamping only one pressure marks or double pressure marks ( Pattern can be different on both sides) P extrusion ( Cold extrusion) : 1) Extrusion ( Material flow direction and punch movement direction to) 2) Backward extrusion 3) The radial extrusion 4) Composite extrusion precision stamping factory in an efficient, stable, low consumption of material, manufacturing technology, Mould manufacturing technology) As far as possible by continuous mold production, in turn get both sides of the highest production efficiency and the maximum economic benefit.
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